Now is the time to change the world



Our vision at Rowan Institute is a future of strong and resilient leaders, grounded in human rights, integrity, and planetary stewardship, who make transformational change on our finite and rapidly warming planet.  We view compassion, equity, and community as fundamental core principles in leading and communicating.



The mission of Rowan Institute is to provide the leadership and communication skills leaders need to change the direction of policies and outcomes for institutions, businesses, and communities.



Train public leaders to function in today’s world through integrating scholarship and social justice into public leadership at all levels.


Teach STEM (science, technology, education, and math) and education professionals how to communicate complex, socially-vital information, with the goal of protecting public interests and reducing risk and cost.


Prepare organizations to incorporate equity and data-driven insights into their strategy, leadership, and public communication.


Organizational Values

  • Advocate and act for anti-racism and anti-colonialism

  • Advocate and act to redress societal and environmental damages from greed, profiteering, and corruption

  • Center the values of community building and collective action

  • Use science and information 

  • Stand up for human rights

  • Center marginalized voices

  • Listen with radical empathy

  • Demonstrate radical transparency

  • Acknowledge mistakes and make direct action to work towards accountability and reparation

  • Take risks: now is the time to engage in the most difficult and polarized public conversations




Dr. Sarah Myhre is a scientist and public advocate for human rights. Dr. Myhre, a paleoceanographer with expertise in social and ecological decision-making, is at the frontlines of addresing of rapid climate change. She is a Kavli Fellow with the National Academy of Science. See her CV here. 

Dr. Myhre is also a national thought leader in the field of climate science communication and public leadership. She is a vetted public communicator and strategic advisor, with more than a decade of work across scientific, educational, non-profit, and governmental sectors. Her writing bylines can be found in Newsweek, the Guardian, The Stranger, and LiveScience.

She is also a feminist leader, grassroots organizer, and activist. She is a founding board member of 500 Women Scientists, the founder and collaborative leader of the Seattle chapter of 500 Women Science, and a board member with the Center for Women and Democracy. Indeed, Dr. Myhre is an unapologetic advocate for a values-into-action framework for equity, transparency, and justice in public leadership. 


Changing who leads and how



Giuliana Isaksen is a collaborative leader with multiple startups in tech as well as other sectors. She brings to the Rowan Institute a broad range of skills including project management and systems development that will help launch and operate the Institute so we can deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

Giuliana currently serves as CEO of Ashworth Partners, which provides research and advisory services in commercial real estate. Ms. Isaksen founded The Multifamily Investor Daily, an online news service covering real estate related economics, finance and the broader housing markets. Giuliana previously served as Acquisitions Director at PCF500, a Vancouver, BC based private real estate fund and was previously Co-Founder at FSD Inc, a leading developer of financial software applications.

Giuliana has served as campaign manager for two city council elections and was a member of the Bellevue Youth Theatre committee fundraising to build their award winning new home which was completed in 2015.

As a long time advocate for diversity in both the workplace and public leadership Giuliana’s values are aligned with Rowan and we welcome her aboard to help us accomplish our mission.

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Dr. SaleemuL Huq

Dr. Saleemul Huq is the Director of the International Centre for Climate Change & Development (ICCCAD) since 2009. Dr. Huq is also a Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED), where he is involved in building negotiating capacity and supporting the engagement of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in UNFCCC including negotiator training workshops for LDCs, policy briefings and support for the Adaptation Fund Board, as well as research into vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the least developed countries. Dr. Huq has published numerous articles in scientific and popular journals, was a lead author of the chapter on Adaptation and Sustainable Development in the third assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and was one of the coordinating lead authors of ‘Inter-relationships between adaptation and mitigation’ in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (2007).


Board Members

Board members of Rowan Institute provide scientific and public leadership to direct our organizational mission, vision, goals, and culture. 


Priya Shukla

Priya Shukla is a PhD student based at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory studying the effects of climate change on shellfish aquaculture. She received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Management at UC Davis and earned her Master’s in Ecology from San Diego State University. Priya uses science communication to bridge issues concerning social justice, rapid environmental change, and the scientific community.


Tyler Valentine

Tyler Valentine is currently an undergraduate student in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle. He has conducted a variety of research in the fields of planetary science and space technology ranging from understanding the surface dynamics of asteroids to investigating methods of extracting water from extraterrestrial bodies. Tyler has given speeches at the 2017 Seattle March for Science, 2017 Seattle March for Truth, and 2018 TEDxUofW Conference. Beyond his speaking engagements, Tyler is the co-founder of a student-led STEM educational outreach organization at UW; he is an executive Board member of the Black Student Union at the UW, and he serves as the Dean’s Office Liason for the Student Advisory Council of the UW College of the Environment. While he is in love with his research, Tyler’s true passions are best encapsulated by the African Philosophy of Ubuntu and the African proverb “Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” (“A person is a person through other people”). 


Barbara Clabots

Barbara Clabots is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of gender equality and the environment. She received a Foreign Language Areas Studies Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education to complete her Masters of Marine Affairs from the University of Washington. She was the first to document the impact of women's involvement in marine protected areas. Barbara is also a Senior Research Affiliate at Ladysmith Ventures and advises Washington Women for Climate Action Now. She incorporates both quantitative and qualitative research methods across a variety of disciplines. She developed five datasets quantifying gender inequality in the environmental sector the Global Gender Office for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. She is an editor for Sightline Institute and was acknowledged as a 2015 “Young Green Leader” by Washington Conservation Voters. Her analyses and advocacy pieces are published in the Seattle Globalist, Yes! Magazine, and The Establishment. Barbara’s approach to environmental solutions is both evidence-based and feminist, and she speaks frequently on this intersectional approach to climate equity.


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