Giuliana Isaksen is a collaborative leader with multiple startups in tech as well as other sectors. She brings to the Rowan Institute a broad range of skills including project management and systems development that will help launch and operate the Institute so we can deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

Giuliana currently serves as CEO of Ashworth Partners, which provides research and advisory services in commercial real estate. Ms. Isaksen founded The Multifamily Investor Daily, an online news service covering real estate related economics, finance and the broader housing markets. Giuliana previously served as Acquisitions Director at PCF500, a Vancouver, BC based private real estate fund and was previously Co-Founder at FSD Inc, a leading developer of financial software applications.

Giuliana has served as campaign manager for two city council elections and was a member of the Bellevue Youth Theatre committee fundraising to build their award winning new home which was completed in 2015.

As a long time advocate for diversity in both the workplace and public leadership Giuliana’s values are aligned with Rowan and we welcome her aboard to help us accomplish our mission.

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