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Dr. Sarah Myhre is a renowned climate scientist, public scholar, and social justice advocate who helps organizations, businesses and community groups use both scientific data and a blend of equity and integrity to drive positive change and strategic success. She is an in-demand presenter at conferences, conventions, such as TEDx, conventions (American Geophysical Union, Northwest Climate Conference), organizations (Pacific Science Center), and businesses such as Mt. Baker Ski Area.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting press conference on climate solutions, Dec. 12 2017. Dr. Myhre speaks at 18:50 about human rights, scientific communication, and public leadership.



Dr. Myhre leads a workshop for the University of Washington Library on " Going public: connecting research and communities ", 4/7/2018.

Dr. Myhre leads a workshop for the University of Washington Library on "Going public: connecting research and communities", 4/7/2018.

In interactive sessions, Rowan Institute can teach members of your organization the communication and public leadership skills that will enable them to be effective change leaders. These trappings are based on Dr. Myhre's experience and vetting as a public advocate, and the advanced training she received at the Mitchel Hamline College of Law, the Switzer Environmental Leadership Fellowship, and her expertise as a National Academy of Science Kavli Fellow. Sarah leads groups through interactive learning exercises that allow participants to evaluate leadership and communication challenges using a lens of equity and data to influence outcomes and reframe public discourse. Sarah has provided training for the American Geophysical Union, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the North American Conservation Congress. We can tailor a program to suit the specific communicative and leadership needs of your organization.



How can information and equity change your public success? What does leadership look like in a hot, dangerous world? How can you reframe your public communication and leadership practices to change the culture around you?

We all want a safer, cooler world - but getting there is key. Communication and leadership in the current political climate is fraught by the polarized, distorted, and toxic public discourse.  When employed, compassion, information, and equity can provide a sight-line for individuals and organizations to operate successfully in public with integrity. Please contact Rowan Institute for public communication strategies to navigate difficult and necessary challenges for leading in the 21st century. 


Your silence will not protect you.”

Audre Lorde  |   1980


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